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Private detective agency is a channel that has seen an increase in its number in our country recently; It was established to investigate behaviors

such as betraying, deceiving, deceiving, which have a degrading effect on human beings and continues its services.

What are Private Detective Offices, What Do They Do?

Our private detectives collect information, document-based research on the subject you want, and collect documents that you can use in any court process.

For example, you have experienced an incident of deception, but you do not have any evidence to prove it, in such cases, our private detectives prepare

a suitable work program for you and provide concrete evidence suitable for

your situation and ensure that the process is concluded in court.

Although private detective offices have been trying to increase their activities in our country through incorporation processes,

not every private detective agency can be successful in this business.

Therefore, it is very important that situations that may require extensive

research such as spousal tracing remain in these private detective offices.

When choosing a detective agency, you should make an examination by considering such situations.

Services Provided in Our Detective Office

Our private detective office provides services in many areas from spouse tracking, address determination, pre-marital research to divorce and custody cases.

Spouse tracking is one of our most demanded services today, and follow-up is done when there is no unity in the marriage, when a fundamentally

shaken and unsolvable process is entered, and it has an effect on divorce cases.

This service is not a service that can be provided in every country, but it is carried out in different fields of study.

The purpose of providing and receiving this service is to find answers to the

questions that arise in the mind of the party who thinks that they are deceived or betrayed.

These examination and follow-up processes are carried out within the framework of moral rules,

and these detective services serve under state institutions according to the rules of practice and law abroad.

However, in our country, the private detective profession serves under the name of the private sector. If peer tracking is not done in accordance with scientific methods and methods, it becomes a problem.

With the private detective service, it is possible to assist the law enforcement officers and the security institutions they are affiliated with.

Private detectives, who can solve their researches with scientific methods, can conclude the incident with the training they receive.

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