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Spouse Tracking Service

Spouse Tracking Being betrayed is an issue that nobody can even tolerate. Doubt about a person with whom we sacrificed everything will surely put you in an impenetrable situation. It is your right to know the facts.

For this reason, you can benefit from the spouse tracking service of our

private detective agency and get rid of this suspicious situation.

If you suspect your spouse, think he is cheating on you, and you need concrete evidence to present in court,

this is a service that solves your problem for situations like this.

Our spouse tracking service is carried out 24 hours a day, and in this

process, who your spouse talks to, talks with, what the relationship between them is investigated in detail,

and a detailed information sharing is provided by our private detective office for the person requesting this service.

Although the follow-up of the spouse is usually finalized within 1 week,

within the scope of the researches carried out in this process, the accounts and

movements of your spouse in virtual environments are examined and the results found with our customer are shared with proof.

What is Peer Tracking Service?

When spousal follow-up is mentioned, there are situations such as being deceived, betrayed, deceived, and broken family ties, and it is a service used to obtain concrete evidence to be used by one of the spouses to bring this issue to the court.

It has also been seen in the researches conducted within the scope of spousal follow-up that the number of cheating on their spouses has recently increased.

As a result of these events, the concept of family has disappeared, and an atmosphere of distrust between spouses has occurred.

In some countries, there are marriage schools due to this deterioration in this society and people who will marry are given information about the importance of the family.

However, in some countries, deception is not considered a legal crime.

 How is Peer Tracking and Research Conducted?

In order to start a spousal follow-up study, the disorders seen in the family must reach an advanced level and have reached the level of divorce, and the process must be taken to the judiciary.

Because only the follow-ups based on suspicion do not comply with the

legal clauses mentioned in the contract and may cause the event to be taken to different dimensions.

Our private detectives are questioned in accordance with the information they receive from you, which movements they suspect in their spouse.

For example, it has been observed that spouses are suspected in situations such as if your spouse turns off or keeps his phone when he comes home,

if he has started to dislike his body size and form, if he has acquired new habits and hobbies.

The follow-up program followed in spouse tracking varies according to the subject and shape of spouse tracking, and our private detectives start to follow up by preparing a detailed study program on this subject.

Our spouse tracking service is carried out for 24 hours, and issues such as with whom the monitored party met during this period, what kind of connection between the interviewees are taken at the end of detailed researches and

shared with our customers, and this situation is photographed and recorded in different times and places to prove the event.

Peer tracking can be concluded in about 7 days, and the results obtained are communicated to our customers in writing and verbally.

Our customer is contracted for this follow-up.

Because it is not known what kind of situation will be encountered in the follow-up due to suspicion,

because of harming the other party, harming yourself, and being in different moods.

For this reason, services are provided in cases where all ties of the spouses

are broken and they cannot live together.

Why (Legal) Private Investigator?

In cases such as divorce, going to the court with precise and proven

documents will strengthen your hand and this divorce process, which can take months, will be shorter to reach the result.

Legal Decisions Regarding Cheating As The Reason For Divorce

Turkey Grand National Assembly adopted on 22.11.2001 and 01.01.2002 in force since the 4721 Turkish Civil Code No. 161 is defined as complete fool according to Article flaws, it ranks first among the causes of divorce.

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