Private Close Protection and Security

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Unique Service in Close Protection Jobs

Private Close Protection and Security is the protection of individuals or their families who are intended to be protected by taking extensive measures against threats. First of all, determining what the risks are and taking precautions against them is the goal of special close protection. Here, the risks and threats should be identified before they occur. Thus, special close protection and security aims to reset or minimize the damages that may occur.

Who Can Seek Close Protection?

The risks posed by the modern world compel many people to benefit from special close protection and security services. Commercial, political and personal conflicts can cause people to need protection. For this reason, many people from business people to parliamentarians may need close protection. In this framework, the private close protection and security service develops measures according to the qualifications of the people to be protected. As a result, close protection is considered as a professional and team work.

Qualifications Required for Close Protection

Close protection emerges as a service that requires a professional perspective. Therefore, it is an accepted fact that those who will perform the service should have a special education. Those who can provide this service can only become familiar with their subject thanks to a special education. In this context, it is one of the most important qualities that these people have knowledge about first aid. On the other hand, being trained in close combat sports is indispensable for being close guard. As Aysa Detective, we serve with a team with these qualifications.

The requested private close protection and security service can be given armed or unarmed. This situation depends on what kind of protection the persons requesting protection want. People demand protection because of their business life or because of their authority or popularity. Thus, the quality of protection may change according to the characteristics of these people. On the other hand, it is necessary to have the awareness to easily understand that the people protected by special protection are being followed.

Basic Principles of Close Protection

As in all jobs, it is natural that close protection has some principles. The first of these principles is privacy. Special close protection must do this job in secrecy. The other principle is the detailed analysis of the person to be protected. The person to be protected must have detailed information about the person to be protected. The people to be protected should have a detailed knowledge of the daily life flow. Alternative measures should be developed against every threat and risk. The same prevention should not always be used. Private Close Protection and Security

We Are Ready With A Unique Service ConceptAs Asya Detective, we provide your close protection services with a professional and trained team. We serve you with our protection personnel who are experts in their field and are equipped with close combat sports. We have a team that you can safely entrust yourself, your children and all family members. As a result, we are at your disposal with a staff that you can refer to with peace of mind about protection and security.

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