Collecting evidence for guardianship cases

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Private Detective Services in Custody Cases

Collecting evidence for guardianship cases Custody cases are cases that determine who will be responsible for the joint children of the about-to-divorce couples after their divorce. Custody cases are seen together with the divorce case. However, after the divorce, lawsuits also take place as changing custody. There is a process in both cases. And these processes are observed in the finest detail by the court board.

Evidence that disappears or may occur in custody cases is of great importance. Because the evidence provides information about the current lives of children and their future living environments. Therefore, Collecting evidence for guardianship cases is also an extremely important issue. With whom the common child will live in better conditions and whether the custody holder can fulfill his / her responsibilities is possible with the evidence to be collected.

Private Detective Services in Custody Cases

Private detective services have gained great importance for increasing divorce and therefore custody cases. You will appreciate that detectives are very professional when it comes to collecting evidence. Evidence collection services are also provided with the same professionalism for custody cases at this point. Private detective companies successfully obtain the necessary evidence for custody cases.

Evidence is of great importance for both parties who are at the stage of divorce or who want to obtain custody after divorce. Evidence about the current living conditions of the common child or children can be collected devotedly and submitted to the court as a report. As an example, support is received from private detectives in many custody cases today.

How to Collect Evidence for Custody Cases?

The parent, who is a party to the custody lawsuits, provides the necessary information for the lawsuit filed on behalf of the private detective company or that he or she intends to file. Private detectives, on the other hand, begin a comprehensive investigation of the common child or children for custody. At this point, detectives work on the basis of completely confidentiality and according to the specified time. A comprehensive report is prepared to the parent requesting a request for evidence collection for custody cases to detectives. Collecting evidence for guardianship cases

Private detectives examine all the living conditions of the child subject to custody. These consist of certain stages. These stages are carried out one by one within a certain process. Evidence is collected on many points such as whether the child has been subjected to violence, school life and success, whether it gives signs of happiness, living conditions of the current parent of the child, private life, financial situation, and employment status.

Is A Custody Case Won With Private Detective Services?

Custody cases always appear as a troublesome process. Especially in recent years, custody cases have increased with divorces. The custody case goes up to more conflict. Sometimes, for the sake of stubbornness, it may be requested to change the custody of the child from better to worse conditions. While detectives do nothing bias, they do not issue fake reports either. In other words, if a claim is made, they must be full of gold.

Asya Detective offers you professional evidence collection support services for custody cases. Today, reports and evidence to be taken from private detective companies are accepted by the courts and even affect the results. You can also get professional evidence collection services from us for your existing or potential custody cases.

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