About Us


Detective Is A Serious Profession

Detective, whether personal or corporate, reveals those who do harm in every aspect and violate your private areas. It is the person who finds a solution by carrying out his work in accordance with the law. Detective people are also called detectives, where you can get service in any subject you are curious about.

About us

We are working to eliminate the damages suffered by individuals in private and corporate areas. We continue our existence in order to protect you from material and moral damages and to support unsolvable issues. We are working to provide consultancy in every field that you can think of, such as business and spouse, custody, partner, that will come from you that arouse curiosity. Our goal is whatever you can’t handle, let us solve it.


 Our mission is to support all your private and corporate transactions on behalf of you and carry out our activities. Our expert team continues with our latest technology digital systems. With the support of knowledge, problem-solving skills and personal communication power, we are at your side in all your legal special problems. We also engage in activities ranging from physical and digital attack victims to reputation management support to finding missing persons.


Our aim is to continue our name as a solution provider to the extent permitted by the laws and laws that are proudly mentioned. We want to be able to continue our unlimited services by advancing our future on trust and quality. Our vision will continue on its way with the confidence we will get from you. We continue on our way with firm steps with the guarantee that we will not shake your trust.

Our services

It is actually difficult to determine the boundaries of our ever-expanding service area. We can briefly define it as follows. We do unable address tracking, problematic spouse tracking, student tracking to protect your children from negativity. To find evidence in divorce cases, we conduct corporate audits. We also provide support for brand counterfeiting solutions, finding hidden cameras and custody cases. Finding missing persons and legal advice are just some of our field of study.

Who Can Become Detectives?

The first condition is to graduate from four-year universities of departments that can support the subject. Second, their family should not be engaged in illegal activities. And people with strong certificate support, personal analysis skills and talent related to our topic can become detectives. In today’s conditions, detective service should be a corporate service. We, who feel responsible due to this openness, continue to work for you. The problems between spouses that most occupy detectives should be protected by law.

Should a Detective Contract be Made?

Contract is a system that protects people mutually as in every field. The detective contract must also be made. After the joint decision between the employer and the person who will carry out the business is clarified, the contract is signed and one copy of it remains with the parties. In case of any obligation, legally binding contract terms apply.

Detective Prices

Some professions have prices set in print. However, since detective work will be in many different shapes and areas, there is no clarity on the cost of work. Depending on the nature of the situation, people continue to work by determining among themselves. As detectives, you can be sure that your problems will be solved with all our careful and safe work.

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